Overwatch summer games 2017

Overwatch Summer Games end date: When are Blizzard packing up the beachwear?

overwatch summer games 2017

Aug 8, Overwatch's Summer Games seasonal event is live, bringing with it a fresh batch of new skins for the game's heroes. This year's take on.

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The Overwatch Summer Games are back for a third year. Along with a slightly revamped version of Lucioball in a brand-new arena location, we've also received a new set of fun-in-the-sun costumes. This gallery shows off the initial batch of vanity shots, but we'll continue adding to it now that the event is live with a closer look at every new and returning costume. This year, Summer games adds a Waveracer skin for D. Va and Gridironhardt skin for Reinhardt , as well as new looks for Winston and Ana and athletic attire for Roadhog and Zenyatta. Summer Games continues until August 30, so you have until then to unlock Overwatch's summer-themed skins and emotes.

The Overwatch Summer Games is now live. Like every event in the popular hero shooter, Summer Games brings to Overwatch a host of new cosmetic items. Although skins for characters like Mercy, Widowmaker, and Soldier 76 were leaked prior, there are a few surprises. Here's every skin, emote, and highlight intro for the Overwatch Summer Games While this may seem lean compared to the Overwatch Anniversary Event , keep in mind that 's cosmetic items make a comeback as well and are as follows:. Are you still playing Overwatch?

Overwatch is an online team-based first person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment , and released worldwide in May Normally played in matches of six-vs-six, players select from one of over 30 heroes , broadly classified into the three roles of Tank, Damage, and Support, and work with their team to attack or defend map objectives. Each hero has a unique set of weapons, abilities, and skills, which players use to coordinate with their team to overpower the other. Overwatch supports both casual and ranked matchmaking, as well as a rotating set of arcade modes, and the game has since become a popular esport , featuring the Overwatch League that started in To support ongoing interest in the game, Blizzard has run several seasonal events, typically coinciding with worldwide events and holidays.

Summer Games/Summer Games 2017 items

Overwatch Summer Games 2017: Every Skin, Highlight Intro, and Emote Listed

The event is now set to return for the second time, next week in August. The tweet below from the official Overwatch Twitter account revealed the Summer Games event will begin on August 9, which means there's less than a week until the event kicks off. The brief teaser gif doesn't give away much, but does reveal that Lucio Ball will return, and the event will run on until August You'll get a kick out of this! Team up with your friends for Summer Games on August 9. Although we don't know much about the third annual Summer Games event for Overwatch, we can safely assume that there will be some brand new character skins available in loot boxes throughout the event.

During the Summer Games event, items can be earned by opening special Loot Boxes , which also replace the normal Loot Box during the Summer Games event. Newly-introduced items are unlocked at a cost of thrice the price of items of the same rarity. Also, items which were not obtained during the event became unavailable after the event ends, and had remained locked until the next Summer Games event. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.


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  1. The original event last year was tied to the Summer Olympics, but even though those have come and gone, an athletic-themed Overwatch event remains, and with it come new skins and prizes buried in loot boxes.

  2. HOT NEW SKINS, WEEKLY CHALLENGES, AND MORE. Win games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or the Arcade to unlock sprays, icons, and epic skins for Reaper, Mei, and Reinhardt. Lucioball, Overwatch’s futuristic spin on soccer, is back!.

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