Tuscia film festival 2017

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tuscia film festival 2017

For 13 years The Tuscia Film Fest has been among the most dynamic and vivid Take the opportunity and become a partner of the Italian Film Festival

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The INFF places great emphasis on a balanced judging of the submitted films. Therefore, the team of INFF-jurors is mixed from professionals in the field of cinema, environmental film productions and the environmental sciences. Screenwriter, film producer, cameraman, director and emeritus professor of the Vienna Film Academy. In the s he founded his own production company; intensively worked on documentaries and photojournalism and also cooperated in TV productions as director, producer, and co-author. Since the 80s he has been focusing on his own, frequently award-winning feature film projects. Starting in the s, he has taught at important film schools, e. So in the mid 80ies she found herself in a manageable group of 20 pioneers of computerized animated film.

Italian Movies made our country famous throughout the world. Outstanding directors, actors, writers, costume designers, composers and many film professionals have given Italy its very specific profile. Italian movies tell universal stories, but they are also explicitly intertwined with the social and historical fabric thus presenting the very reality of their country of origin. Despite big changes in the film industry, especially market- and distribution conditions, Italian films are still holding up this tradition. And today there is yet another generation of young filmmakers gaining recognition for their work. Because of the hard work of the Italian Film fest and its artistic director Ś Mauro Morucci - we can see some of this vivid variety of Italian contemporary cinema here in Berlin. A retrospective is dedicated to a famous personality of the Italian Film industry.

For its dry and provocative violence, a visual parable that tells the rise and fall of human relations in a disembodied world, where humanity is anesthetized and mechanized, reaching the paradox of the uncanny. A celebration of mind in any body, or epoch, you are. Una celebrazione della mente in qualsiasi corpo, o epoca, si trovi. CyBorg F ilm F estival. IX edizione internazionale. Sci Fi.

Show Author Hide Author. Subscribe or Unsubscribe. Log In. Ariosto and contemporary cinema. Translation and the Memory of Migration Glasgow. Archive tour and archive skills training at the Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide. Proofreading of Italian quotations.

Events 0. Throughout the year, and with particular intensity in spring and summer, the city of Viterbo is animated by a series of cultural events and traditional festivals that further enrich the tourist offer of monuments, museums and places of interest that the capital of Tuscia offers the visitor. They range from cinema to music, from literature to historical re-enactments, from theater to innovation, to events that perpetuate and enhance the identity and history of Viterbo. Again, during the spring, during the May 1st long weekend, San Pellegrino in Fiore , now in its thirtieth year, is held. It is a floriculture event and much more, in which the characteristic views of the medieval old town are decorated with floral arrangements, creating an atmosphere of colors and unique scents.

Tuscia Film Fest. La Bionda. Cosmo Radio Colonia. See More triangledown; Places. Berlin, Germany.


Horsham Sports Club Beer Festival. Horsham Sports Club. Friday 21 Sunday 23 April

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Meet Lucio Battisti, composer, guitarist and in begin to collaborate together begins an activity that brings this musician-singer to the top of the Italian charts, considered one of the most valuable national artists of the 70s and 80s. He founded Numero Uno, an Italian record label, which within a year competes with multinationals for the largest number of Italian records sold. To date the Nic Italian National Singers has supported many humanitarian initiatives, allocating the equivalent of 93 million euros to children in need. In he founded in Umbria, where he chose to live for the beauty and authenticity of the places, in the town of Avigliano Umbro TR the CET European Centre Toscolano , a non-profit association that has three objectives: popular culture, medicine and environment. The main purpose of the association is to contribute to improving the quality of life of modern contemporary society. A State decree declares that the CET is a non-profit association of public interest, granting a contribution pursuant to art.










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  1. It is an international group, one united by a common sense of unflinching human enquiry and we were struck by the sheer panache displayed by these great storytellers.

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