Fiera libro bologna 2017

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair

fiera libro bologna 2017

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2017 - Fiera del Libro per bambini e ragazzi


Frankfurter Buchmesse is the world's most important marketplace for print and digital content. Every October, publishing experts, writers, creative professionals and fans come from all over the world to network, hold discussions, negotiate , take decisions, be amazed and celebrate. And t his year's Guest of Honour Norway presents its rich literary tradition with many highlights to look forward to. Now is the time to secure your ticket for Frankfurter Buchmesse Our ticket shop is open. Dive into the world of writing, content, stars and discussions.

Bologna Children's Book Fair La fiera del libro per ragazzi is a meeting for all professionals involved in creating and publishing children's books. LED screens - Flexible or transpare Testimonials - What our clients say Building ability - From your needs Tourism and travel industry - WTM,

Monday 1, Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 April from 9.
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Visiting the book fair for Children in Bologna was for me, this year, a double emotion: I have always been passionate about children's literature and, in addition, this time I walked the scene in the official role of Special Envoy, commissioned by Fight The Stroke To discover stories usable by our hemikids and we hemiparents. First surprise, from Carthusia Publishing House , which is the primacy of having in the catalogue many beautiful stories dedicated to the courage, to the disease, to the ' different ' needs:. Age of reading: from 3 years. Viola has a new baby sister, Mimosa. She's happy, but she immediately realizes there's something wrong.

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Fiera del Libro per ragazzi 2012 Bologna


Monday 1, Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 April from 9. Ticket Buy here your ticket online Buy Ticket. Visitor service Ph. Show office Marzia Sampaoli Ph. Everything about this psychedelic, pop, absurd, humoristic and satirical picturebook is unexpected.




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