Don t you wish line dance


don t you wish line dance

Country Walkin' - Linedance - YouTube Country Line Dancing, Country Walk, Dance The Don't You Wish - Linedance Salsa, Wish, Basketball Court, Dancing.

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What is Line-dancing? The classical explanation would be: dance with certain basic steps where the dancers are next to each-other and in lines. In the 's and 's, at least here in Estonia, line-dancing was related to American country music. Then, more recently, there were changes which are still influencing this dance. There have been several new styles introduced to the line-dance, such as funky, cha-cha, waltz, rumba etc. This trend is coming from Europe and the main reason is that there is a lot of young dancers joining who don't want to hear anything about Stetsons and boots.

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Dansens navn. Cato Lars en. Lily Allen. All Over Again. Louis James Sequira. I'll Do It All Again.

Bitte teilt mir ggfs. Line Dance Gruppe Line Riders. Stand: Out Of Control Raging Fire 2. Alfie 2. Drunken Sailor 3. Amame 2.

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