Cantine aperte 2017 puglia

Cantine Aperte 2017

cantine aperte 2017 puglia

Cantine Aperte a San Martino in Puglia - TGNorba24 - 11 novembre 2017

2017   2017

Cantine Aperte Open Wineries is a riveting tour to discover the best of Apulian wines. It takes place on the last Sunday of May, to herald the start of spring and greet the fair season with flavors, art, music and culture. A day discovering the production sites of the exceptional Puglia wines. Cantine Aperte is one of the most important events on wine tourism, which takes place on the last Sunday of May, when the wineries that adhere to the Wine Tourism Movement open their doors to visitors for tastings and guided visits in a warm atmosphere of conviviality. Taking part in Cantine Aperte is an experience that involves all senses. Cantine Aperte also means music, art and entertainment, and each farm has a surprise in store for the guests, who will spend an unforgettable day, buying directly from wine producers the wines that most delight their palates.

After plenty of discussion and under a lot of pressure to live up to the success of last year we are delighted to announce our planned itinerary for Cantine Aperte !! This year we have decided to head east and focus on the wines to the south of Brindisi. Our tour also includes a stop for lunch and transport from Ceglie, San Michele, San Vito and Latiano — which means that you can sit back, relax and sample some delicious wine without having to worry about driving! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Cantine Aperte - open wineries - has been taking place on the last Sunday of May since It represents the most important wine and food event in Italy, when all wineries associated to 'Movimento Turismo del Vino' open their doors for a direct contact with wine lovers. This event has become a philosophy in the long run, a travel style to discover the lands of Italian wine. Every year, this event is attended by more and more turists, curious people and wine lovers who wish experience something different. Further to the chance to taste and buy wines in the company, you can also enter the winery to find out the secrets of vinification and refinement. This year, Varvaglione's participation is going to be an event not to miss!

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Passion, courage and trust in the enormous quality potential that Puglia, and especially the areas of Castel del Monte and Salento were able to express, inspired the Antinoris to invest in the region. The idea that, from the start, characterized Tormaresca's production philosophy was to produce great wines from autochtonous varietals., Open Cellars is the most important wine tourism event in Italy.


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