Rally isola d elba 2017

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rally isola d elba 2017

Resumen XXIX Rally Elba Storico | Past-Racing [Past-Racing equipo de Rallys]. thumb. Rally Elba storico - p.s. monte perone [sergio giannarelli].

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Abarth is returning to the Geneva stage to present the entire line-up, which is the best expression of the principles of performance, craftsmanship and technical upgrade that characterises the brand with the scorpion badge. In the spotlight of the Swiss event, visitors will be able to admire the new Abarth spider together with the new Scorpione special series version, the Abarth Pista and the Abarth XSR Yamaha Limited Edition, which springs from the collaboration with Yamaha Motor Europe. This partnership, now in its third year, also spawned the Yamaha XSR Abarth, the first motorbike made by two of the most dynamic brands of the world motoring scene, which will also be on show. In brief, the Abarth exhibition area is open to the world and to brand values focused on premium performance, craftsmanship expressed in every product and constant technical upgrading. The number of enthusiasts who identify with the philosophy of the brand is on the rise worldwide: the success of "The Scorpionship", the one and only official community, which brings together over 70, members, and of the Abarth Classiche project, which involves the entire universe of the brand with the scorpion badge, is no surprise. An area will be dedicated to merchandising, exclusive accessories and tuning kits made in collaboration with Mopar, the reference brand for services, Customer Care, genuine spare parts and accessories for FCA brands. The following text includes a summary of the data applicable to all markets.

From May 4 th to 6 th , To be precise, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And if you are real rally enthusiasts, or if you plan to participate in this highly anticipated race, then these are the three days for you. When will take place the new edition of the Rally Elba. If you want to test your skills, registration will be open from April 5 th 8am to May 1 st 6pm.

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Gara di Moto rally 11-03-2017 - Picture of B&B Porta del Mare, Portoferraio

You have in mind to give you a small holiday or just a long weekend in late September and you are a big fan of rally. Are you wondering if there is a chance to combine these two needs? The answer is yes and the destination that we recommend is the island of Elba. Here, in fact, on days 21, 22 and 23 September will be held the edition of the historical Rallye Elba, one of the most famous Italian races in the world. The rally will only be part of the journey, the rest of the time you can enjoy a pleasant holiday. And since the center of the Rallye will be Capoliveri, on the days of the event these are the three things to do:.


RALLY ELBA STORICO - Aci Livorno Sport A.S.D. c/o Automobile Club Livorno




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  1. The Rallye Elba enters the Italian Rally Championship One of the most loved and appreciated rally races in the world returns to the highest position of national validity, for years awaited by the entire road racing sector.

  2. #12, flag, Riolo S. - Floris A. icon, Ford Fiesta RS WRC, , , , 1: , 2. #5, flag, Albertini S. - Fappani D. icon, Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

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