23 settembre 2017 nasa

Giorno: 23 Ottobre 2017

23 settembre 2017 nasa

Scienza. La Nasa scopre 7 pianeti simili alla terra

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This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Advances in 3D printing have been slow to replace traditional manufacturing, but NASA is looking toward the technology as a way to fabricate parts for rockets. Using an advanced laser printing method, the agency has produced a bi-metallic rocket igniter that really works. In traditional manufacturing, these components are produced using a process called brazing.

NASA has chosen a name for the dramatic final phase of its Saturn-studying Cassini mission, with a little help from the public. Starting in late , Cassini will zip between Saturn and its innermost ring a total of 22 times in a mission phase now known as the "Cassini Grand Finale," which will end in September when the probe intentionally dives into the gas giant's atmosphere. The spacecraft's handlers had been calling this upcoming period "the proximal orbits" because Cassini will be so close to the planet, but they felt this apellation lacked pizzazz. So in April, they asked the public to vote for names provided by mission team members or suggest monikers of their own. More than 2, people took part, NASA officials said. The team took the public's input into account, then decided to go with the "Cassini Grand Finale.

Your browser or your browser's settings are not supported. To get the best experience possible, please download a compatible browser. If you know your browser is up to date, you should check to ensure that javascript is enabled. It isn't easy to predict when a satellite like UARS will re-enter Earth's atmosphere, since the space it travels through changes density over time due to incoming particles and radiation energy from activity on the sun. There's a problem with your browser or settings. Follow this link to skip to the main content.

Nearly 20 years after launch and almost 13 years at the majestic ringed planet, the Cassini spacecraft is about to enter the final phase of its historic mission. This will be the first of 22 weekly ring crossings for Cassini in the final five months of its mission. The farthest into one of the rings Cassini will go will occur on the 6th ring crossing on 28 May. This will be followed by a second close venture into the D-ring on 4 June that will again allow Cassini to sample the D-ring material. A third venture into the D-ring will then occur on 29 June followed by the fourth and final ring dive on 6 July. The first atmospheric sampling dip will occur on the 18th orbit of the grand finale mission. Orbits 21 in orbit 22 on 2 September and 9 September, respectively, will see the fourth and fifth dips into the atmosphere.

Hidden planet ‘to smash into Earth on September 23, killing us all’

Scoperti 7 nuovi pianeti, la NASA: "Potrebbe esserci vita" / INFOGRAFICA

NASA Saturn Probe Will End Mission in Epic 'Grand Finale'

Directly edited and published by AIT Trends in Earth Observation is aimed at hosting peer-review contributions which may not be suitable for publishing in traditional scientific Journals. The Volumes are intended to be published every two years. In the morning of the 4th of July, before the official beginning of the AIT conference, Martin Isenburg will guide attendees to a short course on LAStools, the most used software package for manipulating raw LiDAR point clouds… and many more! Attendees are requested to bring their own Windows laptops. Software and data will be provided during the workshop. The course is free but reserved to registered AIT participants.





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