Vfp4 2017 banca dati

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vfp4 2017 banca dati

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Behaviourism is a theory of learning that has been developed in psychology, especially in America, and it comes from the English term behaviour. The behavioural model is based on the idea that learning occurs through stimuli S received by the subject from the environment. What happens in the mind and what determines the response to a given stimulus is not the subject of the study. The focus of observation of behaviourists is rather to try to associate a person to a response to a given stimulus in a stable manner. In this way, the response of the subject to the stimulus is observable and can be studied scientifically. If it is stable, it can be said that the subject has learned to respond in a certain manner to the stimulus. Therefore, learning has occurred.

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Come superare i quiz dei concorsi memorizzando le banche dati? Il metodo passo passo.

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