Marvel avengers age of ultron comic

Age of Ultron (2013) #1

marvel avengers age of ultron comic

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One of the main reasons I fell in love with Marvel in the first place? Alternate dystopian universes where a major villain has ascended to ruler of Earth. Apocalypse was ruler of Earth with a small resistance of familiar heroes hanging on for dear life. Suddenly, not even the most familiar of Marvel heroes were guaranteed to win, or survive the catastrophic new reality. Age of Ultron takes its cues from Apocalypse in both title and delivery.

Ultron has taken over. Armies of his all-powerful drones patrol the wreckage that once was New York City, destroying every living thing in sight. Together, Wolverine and the Invisible Woman will make a last ditch effort to save all of existence, but will their time-travel mission end up tearing the timestream apart? Bendis , Hitch. Fraction , Bagley.

Months after his return, [1] the artificial intelligence known as Ultron decided to accomplish his goal of destroying humankind by launching a massive and abrupt attack on Earth , [2] taking over the whole planet, killing billions of innocents and dozens of heroes and villains who stood in his way. Only a few of them are still alive, in a secret refuge under Central Park , ready to reclaim freedom or die trying. Locating where Spider-Man was being held hostage by the Owl and Hammerhead , Hawkeye attempts to rescue him. Upon Hawkeye's location of Spider-Man, Ultron located their position and launched a full assault in an effort to kill the two heroes. Defending his one-man mission, Hawkeye responded that at least he did not give up on the world. Iron Man responded that they had not, as he shows Hawkeye a saddened Captain America sitting by his broken shield.

Age of Ultron (2013) #2

Avengers Age of ultron Stop Motion 1/2

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  1. "Age of Ultron" (abbreviated AU) is a comic book fictional crossover storyline published by Marvel Comics This article is about the comic book crossover event. For the superhero film, see Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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