What do you do

Life’s Most Dangerous Question: What Do You Do?

what do you do

Despite being a very common conversation starter, many people dread this question, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, your job does not define you, which is what makes this question an awkward one to answer. When someone asks you what you do, instead of answering with your job title.

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Miya Tokumitsu has an experiment. When meeting people in non-work situations, the author of Do What You Love And Other Lies About Success and Happiness tries to speak with a new acquaintance for as long as she can without asking about their work, or having them ask about hers. In most conversations, Miya finds it hard to last longer than four minutes before someone says 'So, what do you do? As much as many of us may dislike the question, it seems we aren't very good at finding alternative ways to connect. She says it is a reflection of our preoccupation with work, and our habit of tying our identity to our careers rather than to a broader — and often more interesting — sense of self.

You are at networking event and everything is going on well. People are talking to colleagues and acquaintances, drinks are being passed around, everyone is having a good time. You walk over and join a colleague who is talking to a lady you have not met before. Your colleague introduces the both of you, and a second after expressing your pleasure at meeting the lady, the dreaded question comes from the lady:. This question has become a natural part of conversations , either when you are meeting new people for the first time or when you are catching up with old friends and acquaintances you have not seen in a while.

As a former member of the the networking organization BNI , and an enthusiast of the membership network WeWork , I often hear the same question: "What do you do? Related: 6 Ways to Improve Your Conversations. It's such a loaded question, isn't it? I've answered it so many times, but I still feel a little flutter in my stomach every time someone asks, "What's your job? What do you do for a living?

What do you do? This is often the first question we ask strangers. On the surface it seems like an innocuous query, one we ask each other every day, a servile four-word nicety we utter so we have something— anything —to talk about. The majority of the answers are boring, soundbite-ish replies we have standing by at the ready, prepped for the next dinner party or networking event: I am a director of operations. I am a regional manager. I am the senior vice president of Who-Gives-a-Shit.

Better ways to answer the question 'What do you do?'

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  2. The question “What do you do?” has basically become synonymous with “Who are you?” There's a reason it almost always follows “What's your name?” in polite .

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