Kia sportage 2017 vs nissan qashqai 2017

Quick twin test: Kia Sportage vs Nissan Qashqai

kia sportage 2017 vs nissan qashqai 2017

It might smack of a slight lack of imagination, but the people have spoken. In , the Sportage accounted for more than a quarter of Kia's.

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Can Korea's latest crossover see off the car that kickstarted an entire family car trend? It might smack of a slight lack of imagination, but the people have spoken. What irritates us is the ride, which is just firm enough to be irritating. Might be the big wheels. Not as smooth as the best hatches, but close enough.

One such model is the Kia Sportage. When it was introduced in , it caused quite a stir thanks to its cutting-edge styling, practical interior and decent amount of standard kit. Yet Kia has now decided the Sportage needs an update, and has introduced a subtly revised version. But is it enough to keep Kia in class contention? We try both cars in efficient front-wheel-drive guise. The Acenta Premium-spec Nissan Qashqai and above get a fixed glass roof that stretches uninterrupted from the top of the windscreen to just above the C-pillars. It gives the interior a bright, airy feel, while a powered blind keeps the cabin cool when the car is parked in sunlight.

Sign up to the Carbuyer newsletter. The compact SUV has never been more popular, and it's easy to see why. Cars like the Nissan Qashqai and its rivals offer fuel economy and running costs comparable to a family hatchback, as well as handsome, muscular looks that add to their showroom appeal. Why drive an 'ordinary' family car when you could have an adventure in an SUV? What's more, their desirability in the showroom means they're sought-after secondhand, which makes PCP financing more affordable than you might expect. But which of the current crop of compact SUVs is the best place to put your family's money? We've put five of the most popular models on the market through their paces to find out.

Many modern families pick SUVs to ferry them around thanks to their excellent practicality, lofty driving positions and road-car-like driving experiences. The Kia Sportage has earned a spot outside many family homes thanks to its eye-catching looks, broad range of talents and its reassuring seven-year warranty. The chromed V shape around the badge is now wider and the headlights have been made thinner, while rounded shapes in the lower front bumper are now replaced by more angular features. Subtle enhancements to the brakelights and rear bumper round off the upgrades. The upper portion of the dashboard houses the touchscreen infotainment system and physical controls for the heating and air con, while the layout is fairly straightforward. Space is also a little more impressive than the Qashqai, with more room in the back for three passengers and better overall headroom. A refreshed steering wheel compared to the pre-facelift Qashqai helps the driving environment feel a little more up to date but struggles to mitigate the generally dull styling.

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Kia Sportage vs Nissan Qashqai: which is best?

The battle of the SUVs is on. At first glance, these two cars are very similar, though there are a few key differences that will help you determine which one is better for your lifestyle. So keep on reading and discover your ultimate SUV. Perhaps the most important factor? The current models of both the Sportage and Qashqai are the most stylish yet. The Sportage has a distinctive grill and rounded edges:. The Qashqai is 2,mm wide including wing mirrors , is 1,mm tall and 4,mm long.


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