Italian terms of endearment

25 Romantic Italian Phrases (or How to Melt Your Loverís Heart)

italian terms of endearment

Ready for some amore? Learn some Italian terms of endearment for any kind of relationship and speak like a native!.

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Italians have some sweet terms of endearment to go along with all that romance and smooching. From childish and cute right up to sexy and smooth, the language of love makes murmuring sweet nothings a snap. I polled my Italian in-laws for advice on some of the best and most common Italian terms of endearment, and have come up with a list that they assure me will have anyone sounding as though they were born in Sicily! Italian family bonds are generally very close. As a result, children benefit from lots of love and terms of endearment are lavished onto them, too. Both reference smaller versions of common animals.

Post love quotes or your couple photos. Did You Know. Quaint cobblestone streets, bewitching art, serenaded gondola rides, and savory pasta, mamma mia! A place so romantic, its tongue is bound to be romantic. Gone are the days when a 'dear' or 'honey' would tickle your special one 14 shades of pink. Today, these endearments don't just seem insincere but are seen as played out tricks. It's time to get creative.

The note was written from prison just before he died, and it is not known if she ever received this note or even knew of his love. Such is the stuff of legends! How many more ways can you think of to say you care about your romantic love? Please reply. Or join our Conversational Italian!

Italian Terms of Endearment

Learning terms of endearment in Italian is an important part of becoming fluent. Do you always address them by their full name or do you use nicknames?, But what did he or she bring you? Want to download this card?

Sound Like a Native Speaker: Terms of Endearment in Italian


Express LOVE like an Italian with these Phrases

Learning terms of endearment in Italian is an important part of becoming fluent. If you don't use such expressions, you may sound too formal.
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