John cena vs randy orton games

Armchair Booking: Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton

john cena vs randy orton games

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WWE News. Cena and Orton were by no means strangers before their first one-on-one pay-per-view bout - they'd met in Ohio Valley Wrestling, on Raw and in various multi-man contests, including when Cena and Shawn Michaels captured the World Tag Team Titles from Orton and Edge - but their SummerSlam clash was still hotly anticipated. However, Cena kicked out and retained his belt with an Attitude Adjustment. The animosity between the two, though, was just beginning…. Orton was WWE Champion heading into the showdown in Orlando - Cena had been forced to relinquish the belt in late after suffering a pectoral injury - and he slithered out the same way. Triple H blasted Cena with a Pedigree after countering an Attitude Adjustment attempt, but as he went for the pin, Orton punted The Game in the head and covered Cena himself. Cena will be looking for revenge if he faces Orton in the same arena in April this year.

There is one opponent that come to mind: The Viper Randy Orton, a thirteen-time WWE champion, as dangerous as ever since his heel turn at Extreme Rules pay-per-view. In order to understand why this match should take place, we need to go back and relive their rivalry from Over the next few months, Kofi and Punk would be paired up as a tag-team. Kofi also joined Team Batista in the ten-on-ten traditional Survivor Series elimination match, and would eventually lose at the hands of Orton. This drove Legacy out of the arena and ultimately cost Orton his championship.

The following is a listing of events that Randy Orton has participated in. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Event history. Image gallery. Magazine covers.

Jump to navigation. Wyatt was in control for most part of the match but Orton hit his patented RKO twice out of the blue to win the title. Sunday's match was projected as one of the biggest matches in WWE history. It was also promoted as a match-up between a teacher and the pupil because Orton served as a servant in the Wyatt family. Wyatt tried to play mind games with Orton by projecting images of maggots, worms and insects in the ring but Orton managed to hold onto to his composure for his ninth title. Meanwhile, Wrestlers John Cena and Nikki Bella finished off their opponents at WrestleMania and then decided to take on what could be their biggest challenge yet: Marriage.

Styles vs. After spending well over a year dominating the WWE title picture, Styles is likely to lose to Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble, at which point he will need to move on to another major feud on the blue brand given that he's arguably its biggest star. Even though both Orton and Styles have remained on SmackDown since the brand split returned in July , they've only faced each other in singles action once and have never had a proper feud. Therefore, Styles vs. Orton is certainly a WrestleMania caliber rivalry that would feel fresh and highlight two of the top stars on SmackDown. WWE presumably doesn't want to lose Styles to AEW or any other top promotion, and though a non-title WrestleMania match with Orton is a slight step down from a WWE Championship match on the grandest stage of them all, it's not a bad spot for Styles to be in at all and will likely result in him being featured heavily in route to WrestleMania.

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WWE John Cena vs Randy Orton

Ragdoll Randy 5. Rapid Randy 3. Randy's Empire 4. John Citizen 3. Uncle John Escape 3. John Citizen 2 5. John Deere Hidden Tires 2.

So, often I find myself waking at dawn on a Tuesday morning to watch my recorded episode of Raw, with a bowl of porridge and a glass of orange juice. Sky Plus allows me to fast forward adverts, which means I can skip through boring matches, and before you know it, an episode of Raw simply consists of Fandango dancing, a small Mexican dude somersaulting, and The Shield having great matches. However, occasionally I will treat myself to a live showing such as for this show, and it makes the whole show seem fresher, and more exciting. Sin Cara is one of my favourite wrestlers for some masochistic reason, so it was great to see his return to the WWE when he beat Alberto Del Rio on the show. How do we know this? Because the actual Sin Cara tweeted he was in Mexico on the day of the show, and the Sin Cara in the ring was sporting a tattoo - and physique - rather similar to Hunico.

John Cena and Randy Orton have been through a long journey, on a practically parallel path, starting off as rookies and becoming WWE's top stars. Today, they enjoy a veteran status and they've long been associated together. They've teamed together but faced each other more often than not. Here's a list of most of the singles matches between the two icons of WWE:. Less than a month after winning the Royal Rumble match and making a surprise return from injury, John Cena decided to cash in his championship opportunity at WrestleMania one month early at No Way Out.

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