Street parade milano 2017

Milano Carnival 2017: the Ambrosian Carnival

street parade milano 2017


2017    ciambelle dolci di patate di sal de riso

Our goal is to create a global photography exchange to showcase the best of contemporary street and documentary photography and to foster cultural interaction between accomplished and emerging photographers, experts, amateurs and communities. Street Photo Milano and the Miami Street Photography Festival give photographers from the world the opportunity to be exhibited at two major galleries in Miami and Milan, giving significant exposure and a global recognition. The contests contribute to supporting the festival and promoting street photography in an ever-wider audience, stimulating the growth of new talents. History of lake and its mountain men — Land of nowhere. The Miami Street Photography Festival is an international photography festival showcasing the best of contemporary street and documentary photography viewed through the eyes of established and emerging photographers. The series can reflect a specific photography project of a topic, place or people or it can be a group of photographs that have a theme that ties them together. The top three series, determined by a very experienced group of judges, will be exhibited in Miami during Art Basel, one of the top art events in the world.

The Milano Pride is a parade and festival held at the end of June each year in Milan , Italy , to celebrate the lesbian , gay , bisexual , and transgender LGBT people and their allies. Until , the event has been held each year but with a different name. Milano Pride is one of the largest gay and lesbian organized events in Italy. Its aim is to demonstrate for equal rights and equal treatment for LGBT people, as well as celebrate the pride in Gay and Lesbian Culture. The pride in Milan is held every year but with different names each year. The team organizes the entire pride parade and the so-called "Pride Week". Since , every year at the end of June, during the week when Pride parade is organized, Pride Week takes place in the city.

Location Different locations in Milano. This year, the Milano Pride starts on 21 June and lasts until 30 June and features a vast array of side-events and collateral initiatives.
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The Street Parade is the most attended [ citation needed ] technoparade in the world, since the end of Love Parade It takes place in Zurich , Switzerland and is the largest annual event in Zurich. Officially a demonstration for freedom, love and tolerance attended by up to a one million people, it proceeds along the side of Lake Zurich on the second Saturday of August. Today, [ when? This frees the organisation of security costs, among all else that the city takes under its charge. According to the official website, "The Street Parade is still a demonstration that calls on everyone to live together in peace and tolerance.

Milano Pride 2019 – Milan’s LGBT Pride Week

Street Parade Festa della Musica @ Milano 21/06/2014

Milano Street Parade 2017 (Official Event)

Location Locarno. That is why the Carnival was postponed, in order to wait for his presence. Usually in Milan there is a day parade , and a night party in Piazza Duomo. Today the Carnival of Milan is a street parade with clowns , jugglers , music and fun. Journalist based in Northern Italy, passionate traveller, photography lover and unstoppable curious of the world. From her early years cars and motorbikes strike a chord in her heart, as well as the entire world of fashion.


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