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il sole 24 ore

L'estetista cinica racconta la sua storia imprenditoriale

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The interview with Il Sole 24 Ore revolves largely around socio-economic issues, with a strong focus on the common good. The Holy Father explains that behind every economic activity lies a human person, and insists that the human person must be at the centre of how we think of the economy. This economic system, the Pope says, has made an idol of money; but it can be opposed by a system that puts people and family at the centre. He explains that an innovative focus on the greater good, the good of the community as a whole, is ultimately better for companies than an exclusive focus on profit. He points to the teaching of Pope Leo XIII that free trade is not sufficient of itself to ensure justice; and says that what Leo said of individual contracts is also true of international trade. Pope Francis also speaks on a number of other issues in his interview.

The Ermanno Casoli Foundation and Il Sole 24 Ore

Whereas in Germany the boom of the New Economy resulted in the launch of a large number of new business and financial titles, in Italy it was mainly one publication, Il Sole 24 Ore , which could benefit from a surge in interest in the economy and related topics. The paper is also widely regarded as the most politically independent publication of the country., Download or update now the new version of the app, optimized for iPhone and iPad. Discover the new graphical interface and the new features and access to all the informative richness of the Sole 24 Ore with just one tap!

Il Sole 24 Ore

Il Sole 24 Ore was first published on 9 November as a merger between Il Sole "the sun" , founded in , [1] and 24 Ore "24 hours" , founded in Il Sole 24 Ore has its headquarters in Milan [6] and is published in broadsheet format. Extensive share and financial product listings are provided in its daily supplement, Finanza e Mercati. Irregular supplements are also produced with a focus on a specific issue such as a particular business sector. The circulation of Il Sole 24 Ore was , copies. The circulation of the paper was , copies in [9] and , copies in

President Draghi, in Malta last week, you stressed the downside risks for both growth and inflation and, in particular, the developments in emerging markets. Also, the most recent data for the United States show that there is a sharp brake on growth. Can you quantify the risks to growth in the euro area? The conditions in the economies of the rest of the world have undoubtedly proved weaker compared with a few months ago, in particular in the emerging economies, with the exception of India. Global growth forecasts have been revised downwards.





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  1. Il Sole 24 Ore is an Italian national daily business newspaper owned by Confindustria, the Italian employers' federation. Contents. 1 History and profile.

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