Monster 4x4 world circuit

Monster 4x4: World Circuit

monster 4x4 world circuit

Monster 4X4: World Circuit is a monster truck racing game made for the Xbox and Wii video game platforms. It is a sequel to the game, Monster 4X4.

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Dolphin Forum thread Open Issues. Search Google Search Wikipedia. Monster 4x4 World Circuit lets players control the world's most powerful trucks and go head-to-head in pulse-pounding off-road competitions all over the world. Whether you're grinding through the desert of Egypt, crunching up snowy mountains in Russia, or smashing up trees in California to make the ride a little bumpier for the guy behind you, keep your eyes on the prize: The cash you earn on the circuit goes to customize your trucks and build up your ultimate Monster machine. Personalize your truck's appearance with sweet paint jobs and decals and soup up its performance by maxing out its speed, jumping and destruction capabilities. Win races, unleash spectacular stunts and jumps, and demolish everything in sight to win cash and upgrade your Monster truck to the ultimate stomping machine. Tear through 40 Monster events in the hairiest off-road circuits your tires have ever seen.

While Monster 4X4 adds more entertainment around the included wheel peripheral and an overall stronger game than GT Pro Series, it still suffers from downgraded graphics and an overall lack of style when compared to its Xbox predecessor that released just a few months ago. The presentation is very weak, having menu interfaces that often look more like DS art than Wii, and course design leaves little to enjoy after only a few times around the track. Ultimately Monster 4X4 World Circuit will leave players with a generally cheap and unsatisfied feeling, as the entire production could have used more effort in virtually every facet of its execution. Monster 4X4 World Circuit. Monster 4X4 World Circuit Review. Can massive monster trucks size up to the other launch titles?

Ubisoft really does have the most massive crush on the Wii.
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As any child of the '80s will tell you, monster trucks are awesome. There's no disputing it. It's science, an irrefutable fact. However, just because monster trucks are awesome doesn't mean that every form of entertainment based on monster trucks is awesome. Take Ubisoft's Monster 4x4: World Circuit, for example. Originally released earlier this year on the Xbox and now available for the Wii, World Circuit completely misses the point of what makes monster trucks excellent. Sure, it's got the big trucks, but it also has exactly zero of the excitement.

Monster 4x4 World Circuit is a racing game published by Ubisoft , centering around Monster trucks. It was released in March 23, on Xbox North America only , and later on Wii as a launch title for the system November 19, , in America, December 7, , in Austrilla, December 8, , in Europe and December 21, in Japan. It is similar to San Francisco Rush , with huge jumps and vast speed. Ubisoft revealed a steering wheel shell for the Wii Remote, as an accessory bundled with the game. Also, when on a ramp, if the player thrusts the shell forward or in any other direction, they will perform a stunt from the ramp. Other games may make use of this peripheral as well when using the same controls. The game was met with very mixed to negative reception.

Monster 4x4 - World Circuit

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  1. Monster 4x4 World Circuit is a racing game published by Ubisoft, centering around Monster trucks. It was released in March 23, on Xbox (North America.

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