Bill maher victory begins at home

Bill Maher - Victory Begins at Home - Stand Up Comedy Full Show

bill maher victory begins at home

Directed by John Moffitt. With Bill Maher, Linda Doucett. Bill Maher stars in his sixth HBO stand-up special, premiering LIVE from the Hudson Theater in New.

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Onstage Maher preaches his gospel acerbically mocking the methods and motives of the Republican party, the gullibility of the American people and the various cultural pieties he despises while the audience says amen, in the form of applause that erupts regularly at his wryly delivered zaps. The only decor is provided by the series of faux-propaganda posters Maher himself devised for a recent book, which loom behind him and are sometimes used to segue from one topic to the next. His delivery is appealingly laid-back and seemingly spontaneous, although his eyes return regularly to the large prompter affixed to the mezzanine, on which notes can be seen scrolling as he works his way through his litany of soft-boiled outrage. The material, as expected, is mostly politics, or what passes for it in the current climate. The entire apparatus of the Bush government comes in for scattershot sniping. An idea for Christo? And in one of the more surprising revelations of the evening which seemed to nonpluss large segments of the audience he practically dismissed the idea of a Palestinian state.

Bill Maher: Its so easy to say anything. The one thats easy to say now is "I support the Troops". Doesn't cost you anything. But I got a question for you can you really support the troops, If you also support these massive tax cuts for the very rich. Cause the people we say are our heros are paid by tax dollars.

The final performance at the Hudson Theatre, which is not technically a Broadway house though it's in the midtown theatre district, will be filmed live for HBO. In the show, Maher addresses contemporary political, social and cultural topics Iraq, President Bush and the so called Axis of Evil. The opinionated Maher said about Victory Begins at Home : "We've heard everything about the War on Terrorism except what we can actually do to help win it. I commissioned artists to paint the posters our government today should be putting out to help us win this war. Maher was let go from his hosting duties at ABC's "Politically Incorrect" which mixed comedy and content in a roundtable format because of comments which appeared to indicate that the World Trade Center terrorists had displayed more bravery than U. Maher's point was that anyone willing to commit suicide for a cause would be considered brave by some. The host now heads up a similar show on HBO, "Real Time with Bill Maher," which offers a panel chat as well as other topical comedy segments.

Bill Maher: Victory Begins at Home

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