Solid edge tutorial italiano

Basic modeling tutorial

solid edge tutorial italiano

Carb (Solid Edge Tutorial)

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This Basic Modeling Tutorial will show you how to model an iron angle. One thing to know is that FreeCAD is modular by design, and like for many other CAD software, there are always more than one way to do things. We will explore two methods here. Keep in mind that FreeCAD is still in an early stage of development, so you might not be as productive as with another CAD application, and you will certainly encounter bugs, or experience crashes. FreeCAD now has the ability to save backup files. The number of those backup files can be specified in the preferences dialog.

They are intentionally kept brief so you can start using the program as quickly as possible. The objective is not to teach you every detail of the application, but to familiarize you with basic principles and the way the program works. After running through the tutorials, please refer to the Basics , Geometry , and Structure sections of the online help if you have specific questions about a tool or function. The online help can be accessed via the View menu or by pressing the F1 key. Getting Started. Moving and Snapping. Sketching and Optimizing.

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