The mexican constitution of 1917

Centennial of the Mexican Constitution

the mexican constitution of 1917

We consider the passage of the Constitution of to mark the culmination of the Mexican Revolution. That Constitution, still in force today almost one hundred .

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This revolution continued until a Constitutional Congress convened in November The Congress drafted the Mexican Constitution with a desire to integrate some of the revolutionary aims into the system. Most notable were the land reform and labor provisions, examples of a desire to increase social justice. On Feb. The Mexican Constitution provided the national government with increased powers to enact land reform. As the ultimate possessor of land rights, the Mexican government possesses the authority to confiscate property and use it in a manner deemed to be in the interests of the masses. Both workers and employers received the right to form coalitions to protect their respective interests.

The constitutionalist movement, headed by Venustiano Carranza , arose through the Guadalupe Plan of March 26, , following the assassination of President Francisco I. The alleged purpose of the movement was to restore the Constitution of , but deep discontent among peasant farmers and workers over the dispossession of their lands and harsh working conditions in factories, clashes between different political groups, and years of armed struggle made it necessary to consolidate a number of reforms additions to the Guadalupe Plan, dated December 12, This led to the convening of a constituent congress. On November 21, , the Constitutional Congress began its preparatory meetings. Carranza presented a moderate reform plan for the Constitution of However, the so-called radical faction, whose views eventually prevailed, was interested in implementing the proposals of the Mexican Liberal Party July 1, and the Ayala Plan November 28, and proved successful in asserting itself. The document took effect on May 1, , and has been amended more than times.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Mexican Revolution at ISC. With the fall of Huerta, the revolutionaries were fighting internally to see who would be the next to sit on the presidential chair. Carranza had his forces in Veracruz, while Obregon was in Mexico City, after a dispute, Carranza emerged as the leader of the revolutionary forces. To many, this is seen as one of the most liberal codes of the century, due to its clauses on land reform, women rights- that in the end were stroked from the document- and its complex labor code that emphasized the rights of the Mexicans above any other thing Tuck.

It was approved by the Constitutional Congress on 5 February It is the successor to the Constitution of , and earlier Mexican constitutions. The current Constitution of is the first such document in the world to set out social rights , serving as a model for the Weimar Constitution of and the Russian Constitution of Articles 3, 5, 24, 27, and seriously restricted the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico, [8] and attempts to enforce the articles strictly by President Plutarco Calles — in led to the violent conflict known as the Cristero War. In , under the administration of Carlos Salinas de Gortari , there were significant revisions of the constitution, modifying Article 27 to strengthen private property rights, allow privatization of ejidos and end redistribution of land—and the articles restricting the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico were largely repealed. Although the official anniversary is on 5 February, the holiday takes place on the first Monday of February regardless of the date.

The ninth anniversary of the Yale Law Library Rare Books Blog is a fitting opportunity to mark a much more momentous anniversary, the centennial of the Mexican Constitution of Although amended a few hundred times, this constitution is still in effect today. It is among the most significant legacies of the Mexican Revolution. The Mexican Constitution of remains one of the most progressive constitutional and legislative documents of the 20th century. It created a minimum wage, the right to strike, and an eight-hour work day decades before the United States adopted similar laws.


Constitution of Mexico

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Constitution of 1917



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